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About Communique Associates

Natalie Reid-Hughes Communique Associates was established by Natalie Reid-Hughes in 2002, to provide Training and Coaching to UK and International telesales, telemarketing and customer care contact centres. Her background in running contact centres within Telecomms and FMCG gave her first-hand experience of the skills, knowledge and supportive working environment that combine to raise the performance and self-confidence of a sales team and provided the perfect platform for understanding what sales teams needed to be successful.

Whilst the business had been steadily growing for 4 years, a chance conversation during networking led Natalie to appreciate that whilst there were many large outsourced telemarketing companies who offered their services to blue chip businesses, there were very few who offered SMEs the flexibility to use the services of telemarketing professionals on an ad-hoc basis.

As a result, since 2007, Communique Associates has grown steadily to become the boutique outsourced telemarketing and sales training agency that it is today, working with SME businesses to offer flexible and affordable telemarketing solutions and helping businesses and business owners to become more confident, able and adept at selling. Our professionalism and skill, coupled with our experience of working with many different sized businesses across a wide range of industries, means we are well placed to assist your sales and operations teams and to ensure you achieve results.

In addition to providing telemarketing services for customers, the company began delivering training in the form of open workshops to help clients take control of their own sales and marketing strategy. The sales performance training sessions have been well received and as a result, continue to grow in delegate numbers.

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