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Training for increased sales performance and business growth

At Communiqué Associates, we want to help you achieve success. We work with companies across a wide spectrum, from SME’s to blue chip organisations and, quite simply, help them win more of the business that they want. We have identified a series of workshops to help you develop the skills for your success and will help address common challenges.

These training workshops are held regularly in locations across the Thames Valley.  For more information or to find the next available location for our workshops, please contact us.

Our current open workshops include:

Confident Networking

Business networking offers SMEs a means of building trusted contacts. Over time, networking will put you in contact with suppliers, partners and customers. There are many forms of business networking, but fear results in many SME’s missing out. If you dread the idea of walking in, conversing and delivering a 60 second pitch, this workshop is for you. In a small group setting, we will explore the fear. With a clear understanding of the barriers, we’ll discuss and develop solutions to reframe and address those fears. With a fresh perspective, you will gain the confidence to benefit from networking events.

Professional Telemarketing Skills

Growing a business relies on fresh approaches to sales and marketing. With considerable experience of running our own successful telemarketing company, we can show you how to make great use of this sales and marketing resource. In this workshop, we’ll pinpoint your target audience. With them in mind, we’ll develop the right questions to ask. With the development of communication skills, we’ll give you the confidence to listen, to respond and to pitch in order to win new business.

Setting up a Successful Telemarketing Campaign

As a natural follow up to the Professional Telemarketing Skills workshop, we provide a practical workshop to put your skills into practice.

In this step-by-step workshop, we will look at all the elements that combine in order to prepare a telemarketing campaign. Our aim is to equip you with the necessary knowledge to employ telemarketing into your wider sales and marketing strategy. Such integration will offer the greatest opportunity for successful outcomes.

Managing and Motivating a Successful Sales Team

If you want a strong sales team, it isn’t sufficient to simply present their targets and leave them to get on with it. By understanding the individual skills and motivations of your sales team, you can support them to work to their strengths, boost team dynamics and offer meaningful rewards. This workshop focuses on reinvigorating your sales team to enhance their performance. With a clear vision of the goals and the confidence to achieve, they will be rewarded with job satisfaction, as well as improved sales revenue.

Breaking through Limiting Beliefs

Are you frustrated that you’re repeatedly overlooked for business contracts, job promotions or other aspirations? The resolution may be closer to home than you realise. Many of us are held back by our own assumptions and inner doubt. These limiting beliefs can be challenged. In this workshop, we explore what’s hold us back and make a plan based on positive thinking to help make the steps towards achieving our potential.

Providing Exceptional Customer Service

Is your business reliant on repeat business and referrals? If so, every member of your company has to consistently excel in the delivery of exceptional customer service.

In this workshop, we explore how your company serves its customers. We consider the difference that can be made by people, policies and processes. We offer practical tips to transform the customer experience, so you leave the workshop with the skills to boost the reputation of your company.

 Bespoke SME Training

 If your company is facing a specific challenge or you wish for all team members to benefit from training, a bespoke training session could be ideal. Delivered at your workplace, or in a convenient location of your choice, Communique Associates can tailor our open workshops to fit the requirements of your business.

We have a proven background in advancing performance across all elements of sales and marketing. Our open workshops and bespoke SME training will ensure that your business can operate more effectively, to realise the growth and success that you desire.

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